What does saturation mean for you?

Is your saturation level determined by the
number of partners you can manage, or by
your partner's needs and wants? Does being
parallel or kitchen table make a difference,
or maybe your dynamic(s) factor into your
capacity to 'successfully' manage multiple
relationships? What about financial ability,
real time, resources or a support system available?
It's starting to sound alot like an adoption screening...
I feel like all or at least some of these factors have
to do with your ability to handle whatever you
have going on in your relationships when you're
feeling like you may want to explore fining
someone new, or that your current situations are at
your max.
I tend to overthink, weigh the pros & cons, calculate
return on investment, cost-benefit analysis...lol! What
I'm saying is for myself, I try to determine every factor
before I make a purposeful decision to make an
attempt at a new relationship. Because I don't want to
waste any time finding relationships that don't suit
what we both need and want when it comes to
romantic connections. I'm a great friend also.
So what are you feeling?