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Exclusive Sales Channels Policy

At Black and Poly Tees, we are committed to maintaining the uniqueness and integrity of our brand, as well as ensuring that our community, customers, and followers have access to exclusive products that truly represent our values and identity. To achieve this, we have a strict policy regarding where our products are sold.

Please be advised that our products are available exclusively through our official website ( and select social media platforms as specifically indicated in our advertisements or posts. We carefully manage our sales channels to prevent unauthorized duplication and to protect the likeness of our brand.

We do not sell our merchandise on marketplace platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or similar, and any listing of our products on these or any unauthorized platforms is not affiliated with Black and Poly Tees. We may collaborate with third-party vendors to fulfill certain products, but these collaborations are carefully selected to align with our brand values and are clearly communicated through our official channels.

This policy ensures the exclusivity and authenticity of our products, allowing us to maintain brand recognition and uphold the values that are central to our community. We appreciate your understanding and support in helping us protect the unique identity of Black and Poly Tees